31 Oct 2011

Monday Morning Giggles

This had me giggling for ages! Like I said before, I’m very easily amused… Hehehe!
17 Oct 2011

Time to say goodbye

Right, so I wasn’t sure about this last time I blogged but now it’s been confirmed. My neighbour/sex buddy (for some reason I cringe at the phrase ‘fuck buddy’ – it’s so cliché but there’s no avoiding it). Anyway, I digress – he’s moving back home due to visa issues. He might be back, he might not be – that’s all dependent on the visa. 

This news kinda made me ‘re-evaluate’ our relationship as for me, there was no long term plan and hence I use the term relationship very loosely. Every day, you hear stories (or watch a movie) about some girl who had a platonic relationship which eventually becomes a romantic one. I can safely say, this is not the case here. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a strong physical attraction there but truth be told, we’re just really good friends. We get along like a house on fire and I could spend hours and hours talking and hanging out with him but there’s no real ‘va-va-voom’.

Maybe I’m just being greedy or have unrealistic expectations but I really want excitement! The most excitement I’ve had lately is having too many cups of coffee and practically bouncing off the walls from my caffeine high. And I totally understand that the excitement might wane after several years of being together but I definitely think it makes for the start of a fantastic relationship.

Last month was fairly busy on the work front so I didn’t get to do much social stuff but I’ve got lots planned this month! I plan on going a little crazy and giving my liver a good work out! Hahaha!!!

Also, I think I have been signed up to do a charity skydive! I vaguely remember slurring out my consent at work drinks on Thursday. Funny how ideas seem so much better when you’re drunk. *shakes head* I’m terrified of heights but then again, I am looking to try new things and push my boundaries (and it is for a good cause)... I’m so conflicted!!! *sigh*

Anyway, back to my original point – he’s leaving! And it’s okay. I’m absolutely fine about it. We had a great time and I’ll miss hanging out with him but I’m definitely not heart- broken! All in all, it was a great summer distraction!

10 Oct 2011

My bad habit

Just got wind of some rather distressing news today which I will share with you once its been totally confirmed (see, I told you I refuse to spread gossip – hehehe!). Okay, I’m totally being a drama queen here but I guess you can decide the severity of this “news” once you get to read what it is. I promise to post it up when it gets confirmed one way or the other…

In other news, I’ve just discovered an awful habit I have which has manifested itself from my constant travelling and it is embodied in two words – DUTY FREE. And no, it’s not what you think (i.e. constantly shopping); no! It’s ignoring the word DUTY and just seeing the FREE part! I swear I just go a bit too crazy when I get to duty free. I go on in and spray almost every single perfume I can lay my hands on – all in the name of trying it out and I only realised how bad this was getting when a child walked past me the other day and asked his dad what stank. Yes! I had overdosed on the perfumes  and smelt like a tart’s handbag! Worst thing was, until the child said that, I was going to go get more to try perfumes on! I’m so ashamed. So very ashamed…

I’m equally as bad with the face cream except in my own defence (and this is a weak excuse), I usually end up with my face weighing a few stones heavier (exaggeration but that’s how heavy it feels anyway – lol) and I get too uncomfortable and then I have to go and wash it all off! Which leaves me starting at Square one of a very vicious body lotion overdose cycle! Oh dear...*shakes head*

At first, I used to do it covertly (I always had a strangely irrational suspicion that the store attendants were going to tell me off if they knew what I was doing) but now I cant even be bothered to hide it! How did I get soooooooooooooooooo bad! HELP!!! 
5 Oct 2011

Catching Up

Oh dear! I promise to be a better blogger this month! Last month was mega hectic but this month looks mega promising! Just had to do a quick blog post to share a few things I’d been having fun with this week.

So, I guess everyone’s heard of The Sartorialist? For those who haven’t it’s a guy in New York who takes really beautiful pictures of fashionable people on the street and blogs about it. A Street Style/Street Fashion blog. Anyway, his blog is quite simple and is all about the photos (and I really like it) but I discovered something even better – The Catorialist! LMAO! It’s similar in style but it’s about cats and yeah my first thoughts were like “What?! A Blog about cats….er… No, thanks!” And then I had a look at it properly and it is hilarious!!! Loved it! It’s so funny because it’s a copycat version (pardon the pun!) of the Sartorialist.  Confused? Just have a look at the websites and it’ll make sense. :-)

Another thing I’ve been enjoying this week is MyneWhitman’s – A heart to mend which I downloaded via Amazon for my Kindle. Its such a lovely story and having grown up in Nigeria it holds an extra special meaning for me. Great read!!! And she’s a fellow blogger too! J

Right, I’m off to sleep!!! Will do another blog post very shortly – I hope! G’night!
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