3 Mar 2012


I may be the worst blogger ever! I made such brilliant promises to blog regularly and all of that got thrown out of the window when I got back to what was (and still seems like) a mountain full of work. It doesn't help that I've been hitting that dating scene hard! I like to think I'm quite a good judge of character and that I'm pretty tough but I've been surprised by the amount of dickheads there are out there. And they range from the people who think that I can't see that all they want is sex to those who tell outright lies about their lives.

Still I'm optimistic! If anything it makes the hunt even more interesting and the end result (if I get it right) even more rewarding. :-) Hahaha! That's the way I choose to look at it anyway!

Work wise, it feels like I don't even live in London anymore. I've been working in so many different and random places that I've kinda lost my anchor... lol! I've spent more night in hotel rooms than in my own room. Probably more nights in a hotel rooms than a...er... lady of the night. Hehe!

Anyhoo, I just thought to say a quick hi to everyone very quickly! :-) So sorry it's taken ages to get back on here!!!
2 Jan 2012

Happy New Year folks

Indeed a very Happy New Year to everyone! 

Have you made any brilliant New Year's resolutions? I used to try to make some up years ago and I fully intended on sticking by it till the harsh reality that there would be 364 other days in the days in which I would have to make the same struggle and those resolutions went flying out of the window. 

This year, I'm making the rules simple - I just wanna play harder, lover harder  (that sounds wrong but it's not in the way you think! lol! Get your minds out of the gutter....lol!) and and work harder... nah, work did not make it into my New Year's resolution this year. Don't get me wrong, I wanna do well at work but its not like I don't already work hard so not, that is not making it to my list. 

Anyway, those are my resolutions. They oughta be easy enough (and fun enough) to stick to don't you think?
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