29 Aug 2011

These are a few of my favourite things... Another installment!

This has been a truly indulgent weekend! I’ve been making the most of the bank holidays by being really lazy and so I figured I’d put together a list of the things I’m currently obsessing over. Okay, maybe obsessing is a tad too serious but you get the general idea…
1.) iMac – I’m an ‘Apple-head’. I’m pretty happy with my MacBook Pro but since using one of these at my friend’s the other day, I’ve been crazy about it! I’d have to get the largest one ever and rationalise this purchase by claiming that its both a computer (a powerful one at that) and a TV. See, I’m thinking ahead! Okay, that is some poor rationalisation but I think I deserve this. I now have to spend some time thinking of reasons why I deserve this... *scratches head*
2.) Hanging Chairs – I mean look at them! I could so see my bum permanently glued to them… Someone please buy me one! :-)
3.) Love tub – Discovered these at Waitrose recently. One word – AMAZING!
4.) Big Dorset Louboutins – like I was really gonna do a favourite things posts without shoes! lol! (Apologies, I’ve been going through a Louboutin phase for the last couple of months)
5.) Easy A – I love this movie. Emma Stone is amazingly funny in it! Just got the DVD and I’ve spent the best part of a week LOL-ing at it. *sings* “I’ve got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine…”
6.) Nerds – Just in case I never mentioned it before – I’ve got a major sweet tooth! And with the rainbow of colours…er… SOLD! This is how my love of colour manifests itself – not, in creative interior decoration or fashion (or something useful!), Oh no, just in my sweet tooth indulgence! *shakes head*
7.) Joe Manganiello a.k.a Alcide Herveaux from True Blood – D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Is Sookie blind or something?! LOL! Okay, the other two are great in their own way but Joe is my 100% beefcake! Yum!!!
8.) Denim short shorts – This is probably my way of refusing to acknowledge that summer will over soon. I don’t want it to end. *sobs* I’m never letting go! 
9.) Shunt – I’ve been obsessing about this because I miss it! When I used to go it was in this amazing hidden location smack in the centre of London – a dis-used underground station near London Bridge. They had everything there - airplane seats, a Wii room, art installation rooms, salsa room, empty rooms, light pianos, live bands. So many tiny little nooks and crannies everywhere. Such an arty and amazing night out. Loved it. BRING IT BACK! 
10.) Borough Market – You can get almost anything here. I love that about it. I love browsing at Borough market – most times because browsing usually ends up leading to unexpected purchases!

That’s it! I’ve got so much to tell you guys by the way, which I fully intend on doing very soon! So much has happened and I can’t wait to share it!!! Till next time...

26 Aug 2011

Music Moment: Leona Lewis - Collide

The video I've been waiting for has finally been released!!!! Happy Friday indeed!!! Leona looks so amazing in it too!!! This song takes me to a happy place (hehehe!) and it’s so beautifully sung. I have been obsessed with this song for weeks now so without further ado – here’s the music video for Collide….(*excited scream*)

21 Aug 2011

Pros and cons of the “Thursday office party"

Getting to leave work early. Whatever the excuse is leaving work early is always a big plus!
Free bar – need I say more?!
 …Okay, past the above two points, I’m kinda struggling here.
Friday morning hangovers...*bleurgh!*  Hangovers should be spent in bed, not at your desk in front of your computer pretending to work and doing anything to get rid of that gnawing feeling in your head.
Ridiculous end of the week meetings.  I’ve somehow developed the ability to nod and smile while tuning out everything that’s being said to me.
Too sick to drink coffee and too tired to stay awake. There’s no winning with this situation.-  Other people who were out with you and seemed as drunk as you were but are somehow absolutely fine on Friday – and they insist on showing this off!
Unlike the above, I actually went back to work still drunk (the hangover slowly and surely in a few hours) and once I found myself almost going to kiss my director (at 8.30am!) I figured it was probably time to go to the loo and have a little sober-up-nap else I was pretty sure I’d be jobless by the end of the day. Official verdict – I detest “Thursday office parties”!

Amateur photography

I just got a new DSLR camera and figured I'd share one of my pictures...

15 Aug 2011

Tequila Surprise

I just had a look on my phone and realised I’d taken some photos from my 'Tequila-soaked' Friday evening. I met up with my friends for drinks in Canary Wharf and we stumbled on some Jazz Festival . It looked pretty nice and outdoorsy so I assume that’s why I took a photo of it? (I can’t remember – I was pretty “merry” (i.e. drunk) at this point)
We went from some ‘liquid dinner’ (accompanied by actual dinner, not to worry) in a Mexican restaurant and had a Tequila surprise i.e. several shots of Tequila and some red drink - which we were told was Sangria but tasted like a Bloody Mary, maybe that was the surprise! Anyway, it was amazing… I think! To be honest, it’s tequila – it’s as ‘amazing’ (or not) as tequila gets.... lol! I shoulda stopped at just one but we went for a few…
As we stumbled off home it turns out I took another photo… In retrospect, I’m glad I used my phone to take photos instead of sending drunk text messages, lol - that never ends well! 

14 Aug 2011

Blog Love!

Hi people!!! I’m so excited! After blogging for 2 months, I reached just over 100 blogger followers! I’d been counting down to this for a few days and I’m so chuffed!!! Over, 11000 page views, 650+ twitter followers, 29 Facebook page likes and 4 networked blogs followers (okay, that last one needs a bit of work…lol). Thank you everyone!!!
And that’s not all!!! On Friday I got two Liebster blog awards from two different blogs! 
These mean so much to me and I’m still beaming from the Liebster awards!!! 
Check them out on:
Cameo Ranae’s Blog - http://cameorenae.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Young’s Blog - http://jennyleeyoung.blogspot.com/
Thanks girls!

Time to crack open the champagne!!!!!!!!!!!! 

11 Aug 2011

Sweet like chocolate

So remember when I said in this post here that there was some juicy office Christmas gossip where some intern slept with her manager? This happened long before I joined the company, by the way and I finally found out who the intern was today (albeit inadvertently). I think I have one of those kinda faces that people just feeling like opening up to regardless of whether I wanna hear it or not. Or maybe it’s my natural ‘gossip allure’ that draws them in… Who knows? Hehehe!

Anyway, I was have a mega lazy day in the office today  (Happy Hump Day folks!) and figured it was ‘chocolate-o’-clock’ so went for a little wander to the vending machines with one of the girls I’m working on a project with.
We were nattering away when she decided to open up to me and tell me about this ‘affair’. My ears pricked and I suddenly perked up! (Oh did I mention how much I love gossip? Not to spread, just to listen to). 
So it turns out the manager was single back then, they’d fancied each other and they did sleep with each other that night of the Christmas party and many nights after that (“Oooohhh juicy” I thought). They were in a relationship but things were kinda strained between them and they were ‘on/off’……bla bla bla... At this point I was thinking probably the exact same thing you are now.“Dear goodness! This is boring!!! Does this even qualify as gossip? Is this what I’d been waiting ages to hear about?” 
Of course I didn’t say this out loud to her! Even I am not that stupid…lol! Talk about over-promising and under-delivering!!! Okay, they were in a relationship and had relationship problems – nothing unusual/exciting there. I wanted ‘Basic Instinct’ shenanigans not ‘Coronation Street’/’Days Of Our Lives’ storylines. *sigh* Back to work I go… I paid for my chocolates and headed back to my desk. Figured I’d treat myself to two chocolate bars instead of one to make up for the disappointing story – actually,  who am I kidding? Lol! I was gonna have two anyway…

7 Aug 2011


Rule of thumb! When you’re having a conversation with some one (or a group of people) and you suddenly smell someone’s farted – ignore it! Never ever acknowledge it or this could end up being one of the most awkward conversations ever. Last week at work, the exact thing happened to me (And before you ask - No, I did not fart, someone else did...lol).

I would typically ignore this except the smell kept getting stronger and stronger and I just had to stop and say something – though half out of fear that they’d think it was me (don’t ask why! I have no idea…lol). I asked if anyone else could smell it and everyone else said they couldn’t at which point I let out a nervous laugh/shriek (way to go banshee) and said maybe it was all in my mind.

The conversation after that was painful as one of the girls I was talking to thought it could have been the fact that she had been soaked in the rain on her way in and her coat might smell a bit funky (you know – that ‘wet dog’ smell though I knew that was not what I could smell). The conversation just went painful and awkward from then on with me trying to pretend I hadn’t smelt anything in the first place... *cringes* Never again… *shakes head* Never…

3 Aug 2011

Thanks a lot Ally McBeal!

Okay, so I was staring at my Starbucks Venti Latte today (known to me as a Large Milky Coffee…hehe!) and I remembered a scene from Ally McBeal I saw the other night. (Yes, Yes… I’m like 14 years late on Ally McBeal. I didn’t like it back then and I like it now – nuff said) Anyway, on this episode of Ally McBeal, Ally and Georgia drink coffee seductively under the pretext of ‘savouring the taste’ and it just looks like ‘coffee-porn’ to the lads in the office. I figured I’d give it a shot (Okay I was bored!). I started off okay and within seconds I ended up burning my tongue and spilling the coffee on my blouse (the lid wasn’t on properly). I had to wear my suit jacket to hide the stain and I almost passed out from the heat as it was boiling in London today. Burnt tongue, scalded boob and stained blouse - Thanks a lot Ally McBeal!!!!
(Okay, this was like 90% down to my own stupidity but Ally McBeal is taking some of the blame on this one!)

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