30 Jun 2011

Pros and cons…

…of being employed

- Money! I know where my next pay cheque is coming from – literally! No more street corners for me... (Just joking!!!)
- Purpose!!!: It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and actually know what I’m going to be doing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve created random ‘fun’ tasks for myself; which actually end up being not so fun!(Understatement of the year!) A challenge to clean your bathroom in under 10 minutes is NOT fun! It’s torturous and you’ll smell like bleach for the rest of the day. 
- No more morning/daytime telly: Thanks goodness!!! I’m such a glutton for punishment when it comes to this. I sit there thinking how awful it is and yet never change the channel and go back for more the next day. I actually go to a point where I ‘enjoyed’ Jeremy Kyle (*hangs head in shame*). I had to stop watching telly for a while when I caught myself QVC for almost an hour!!! (Nothing against QVC but watching it for an hour is a bit much…)
- Sexy Business Outfits: I love getting dressed up for work!!! I always try to over do it... some days 'slutty secretary' (hehehe!) other days 'haute couture'... I imagine I’ll get bored of this pretty soon though but it’s like playing dress up! Love it!!!

- Lack of sleep: I miss it so much!!! *sobs*
- Coffee: This is like daily punishment for not getting enough sleep! (Why does it have to be so bitter?!) Each sip is torture!
- Eating cold and boring lunches: I can’t binge anymore on pizza and chicken wings (and cheese on toast and huge dollops of creamy pasta and ice cream and sticky toffee pudding – okay you get the point, I’m a binge eater!) I’m sat on my tush all day barely moving or exercising so the pounds are gonna pile on if I don’t watch what I eat. I’m really trying to be good here but it’s so hard – I gave up the other day and binged on a whole Nandos chicken, chips and rice and even had dessert too! I felt so incredibly guilty but at the same time I felt so fantastic from all that good good good food! (It was a very confusing day for me… hehe!)
- Office gossip: I cannot be bothered with this; I won’t spread stuff about other people. I usually won’t listen either – unless it’s really interesting in which case – Dish! Dish!! Dish!!!
- Walking around in heels: Sore feet – nuff said!

Till next time…

24 Jun 2011

Oh Britney!

So apparently, Britney Spears reads my blog… Okay, fine! I don’t know that she does and maybe it’s the half a bottle of wine I’ve gone through already (we’re on our way out to celebrate my new job) but I do believe I have proof (*I say in Sherlock Holmes voice*). I was watching her new video today for “I wanna go” (I’m so ambivalent about the song) and I noticed that she had on the same pair of Louboutins I blogged about here. See the pictures below -

You can also watch the music video here (the shoes show up around the 5 – 9 seconds mark)
I definitely think I deserve some Celebrity Stylist credit here, don’t you think? Hehehe!
Anyway, In other ‘shoes news’, I just discovered these Louboutin Ballet Shoes!
Hot as they are, unless they come with “teeth replacement insurance”, I think it’s probably best I steer well clear of them. On a good day, I’m pretty clumsy and with heels that high – that’s just an accident waiting to happen.

I got no teeth but boy do my feet look fabulous!

Anyway, I’m starting to get too drunk to type properly. Thou shall get thy party on! Catch you later….

22 Jun 2011

Dear Blackberry...

Goodness Gracious me! I have such a love-hate relationship with my blackberry. At times, it’s the best thing ever – it keeps me connected with family and friends several thousands of miles away and at other times, it’s like an awful plague! (Not to mention the numb fingers I get from over-use... ).
Anyway, so this afternoon I was headed home on the train and when I got to my stop, I got off and before long, I felt that familiar vibration from blackberry. Before long, I was sucked in and texting with Olympic standard vigour. I was laughing at a random picture of a goat in a dress someone sent me when BANG!!! I walked into a pillar. Talk about being shocked! And the pain!!! My head was throbbing and it took several seconds to figure out what just happened. (I also quickly glanced around hoping no one else had noticed this faux pax – I don’t think they did. At least I hope they didn’t!) The worst part of all of this was once I got over the initial shock, what did I do next? I went on my blackberry to tell my friends about it. Somebody help me get rid of this addiction!!!!! (My head still hurts by the way and there’s a huge lump on my forehead from where I walked into the pillar).

In other news, I finally landed a job!!! Got told this week and I’m so excited!!! Look out London! Lola’s landed! And some real money too - champagne for everyone!!!

Till next time...

18 Jun 2011

Take That! Figuratively and Literally!!!

Right! Been a minute since I last blogged but in fairness to me, I’ve had a packed week!!! I barely even had time to fit in some partying (I was starting to get alcohol withdrawal here) but I found a way to eventually!  (Woohoo! My feet and liver hate me now but hey, who cares?!)
I’ve had the most unexpected of weeks ever though – I went to a Take That concert AND loved it! (I was not expecting that at all!) I mean, I like some Take That songs and all but I’ve never ‘officially’ been a fan. (I am now!). On the night, I did some serious ‘Panadol Dancing’ too – you know, the kind of dancing where you already know you’re gonna need painkillers for the following day. The Take That magic was fully on, complete with retro boyband dance moves, -it was such a throwback to the 90s! *cue wind machine and guys with unbuttoned  shirts*. And in random concert news - there was some random drunk 60 year old woman (priceless!) who had to be escorted out cos she could barely stand, some girl fainted in the crowd right in front of me (over-excited much?) and some other random girl took her top off (like - everything!) and the cameras on stage zoomed in on her! Hehehe! (Die-hard fan? Or just really drunk? *shrugs* Who knows?)
AND (big ‘and’!) I got to meet Cameron Diaz! Yes, (in my head) from now on I’m officially a ‘celebrity-by-association’. (Boy do I wish!!!). When I walk into my local Tesco next time, I’m gonna ask for a personal shopper… It’s what I deserve dammit J – and if the shopper dares to look me in the eye, I’m throwing my phone at her (actually, scratch that, I can’t afford a new phone). (For those who haven’t cotton on, I’m just kidding! I did meet Cameron Diaz though!)
And, who should knock on my door today but ‘le hunky New Zealander’(see here)…Yes, since my trip to Paris (see here) I speak French now… Hehehe! For those who aren’t as well versed in French like I obviously am, that translates to “the hunky New Zealander” (try saying New Zealander when you’re drunk…Mouthful, much?). Anyway, he came over to ask me out on a date… Okay, that might be wishful thinking on my part there and a weeeeeeeeeee exaggeration/lie! Hehehe! He did come over but to ask my flatmate and I to come over for his house warming party. I was feeling all special and sexy…till I heard him knock on the next door and invite them over too! Ouch!!! Anyway, I’m (kinda) still in the game (I think) and seeing as I’m not one to say no to a party (who in their right mind ever does?), what’s a girl to do but attend a neighbour’s housewarming when invited? In the meanwhile, enjoy the pictures from the show below
(N.B. I took these photos with my phone so they’re not the best quality!)
Concert Stage

Pet Shop Boys did the warm up
Howard, Jason, Mark and Gary came on first

And then Robbie...

The boys all got together

We got some confetti

And a giant caterpillar

And some 'fire-play'

And (in several stages) the huge giant man stood up by the end of the concert! Amazing!

And the MAIN HIGHLIGHT from the show –
- Robbie ripped his pants during the first song…(and that’s not all…) He then went over the crowd showing off what was underneath the ripped pants and finally HE TOOK HIS PANTS OFF! *faints* *swoons* The concert got interesting for me from this point on… I definitely fell in love a little here.  I was so excited I couldn’t even take a proper photo! *hangs head in shame*
Anyway, it’s getting late now and I’m off to go listen to some more Take That songs and dream of my Take That boys… Good night folks

11 Jun 2011


Hello from Paris!!! Arrived this afternoon and so far the girls and I have had a fairly relaxed evening. Dinner and a few drinks with a little spot of sightseeing. Mature, I know! I feel so proud or ashamed... can't quite figure out which. Anyway, the madness starts tomorrow! We have an afternoon of pampering planned and in the evening, we plan on wrecking all any evidence of the afternoon’s pampering! Can’t wait!!!

In the meantime, I’ve been feeling a bit inspired and I put together a few quirky things on my train journey here. 

1.) A throne fit for a queen! I fell in love with this at first sight. It's such a statement piece of furniture. (Chair from Firebox)

2.) This is a weird item to own considering it's an actual human skull but with all these diamonds this Damien Hirst piece is one that stands out for me. It's soooooooooo shiny! (I sound like a magpie!) I could stare at this all day - I'd probably end up having nightmares of it but at least they'd be glittery nightmares...

3.) Okay this is technically a boy's toy but I would absolutely love to take one of these down to the beach. Not so much quirky as sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! (Flying Water Thingymajiggy from Firebox)

4.) Black is definitely back and even much better so in mannequins (okay, weeeeeaaaak rationalisation) but these would be so cool to have as not only could they stand guard in your  room (another weak excuse) but also, you could test run outfits on them... I have to admit though, of all the things in this list, this is probably the one I'd get bored with the quickest. (Black Mannequins from 'who the hell knows?', no seriously I have no idea where you'd get these...)

5.) Ankara Accessories! I absolutely love these! It's so nice to see so many African styles infused into different items and these are some of my favourite. (African fusion accessories from Chic Therapy - click here to check the full collection)

Right! I'm off to bed now people. Take care and look out for news from Paris...

9 Jun 2011

Three Strikes!

Okay, so based on everyone’s advise (thanks people! xxxxx) I finally decided to go over and introduce myself to the hot Aussie that just moved in next door (see here). Before this though, my flat mate (and lovely friend – I’m contractually obliged to add that second bit … hehe!) upon arriving back from work promptly cracked opened a bottle of wine (I swear that girl’s an alcoholic!). Of course, I couldn’t leave her to drink alone and no, it’s not what you think, we just had a couple of glasses with a nice creamy pasta, chicken and pancetta dish… (Yum!). After dinner, I summed up the courage to go say hello (I have to admit the wine helped too).
Despite the advise of some fantastic people on this blog, I’m afraid to say I did not go armed with food of any kind. I figured I wouldn’t eat anything a stranger brought to my house so why expect the same from him? In retrospect, that was mostly my laziness talking as I probably could have gone over with some wine or something. Anyway, I digress, just before I got to his, I undid a top button of my top. Not so that everything was all hanging out but enough to look casual and yet inviting …I hope! Figured it’s about time the ‘fun-bags’ earned their keep. (Yes, that’s what I’m calling them now). I knocked on the door four times (harder with each time) and after a few moments and some shuffling sounds, the door opened and there he stood - tall, tanned, blond and with the bluest eyes I’d ever seen (…or were they green, who cares? He’s hot! And the light wasn’t the brightest in that hallway…). He said hello and I introduced myself as a neighbour and said I’d just come round to say ‘hi and welcome’…(bla bla bla) and as I was about to go on about what a nice building this was (dull, I know but I was running out of things to talk about)….what should come out of my mouth but a garlicky burp. OH – DEAR – GOODNESS! First thing I thought was “I hope he doesn’t smell it” and then I thought, “Even if he doesn’t smell it; he heard it! The effect would be exactly the same!” (Strike 1!)
I have no one else to blame but myself here. I’d been feeling the need to burp before I got to his (you know the feeling, when it’s kinda just lingering but not ready to come out) but I was so preoccupied with thinking of what to say I’d ignored it. I was so embarrassed but he laughed (phew!) and I followed suit and panic laughed too. It was shrill and I must have sounded like a deranged hyena! (Strike 2!! C’mon girl!!!)… I didn’t even recognize my own voice. Even more embarrassed, I carried on and was rewarded with the details on him. Name -Jim, moved to London 3 years ago, lives with a friend from New Zealand – where he’s apparently from (Hey, I never said I was good at accent, those two accents sound similar enough to me. Thank goodness, I hadn’t said anything to him about my “Australian Assumption”), he works in a leisure centre as a ‘something-something-something manager’. Okay by this point I’d kinda glazed over. He has the most fantastic pair of lips and perfect teeth to match – I’d actually started to fantasize about those lips and what they could do…..Mmmm… “Oh, well it was nice meeting you” He said, quickly pulling me (kicking and screaming) back to reality “You too!” I said. “Don’t be a stranger and pop over and say hi or come for lunch or something!” (“Easy Tiger!” I thought, subtlety was the name of the game, not verbal-diarrhea). With that I shook his hand and did a weird mix of a bow and a courtesy… (Dear goodness! Someone get me the hell outta here! Strike 3!!!)
On reflection, I don’t think that was too bad… Or was it? (What do you think?) I’m still not 100% sure. Thankfully, I have a bit of a distraction from that this weekend. My cousin’s getting married and we’re whisking her off to Paris for her hen night! Whoop Whoop! That’s one of the joys of living in London – cheap holidays to Europe! I need a break (from myself!)… Gotta dash now… Speak later.
7 Jun 2011

These are a few of my favourite things…

Well, 10 of them anyway! And so, in no particular order, my 10 favourites things this week are…
1.) A pair of Louboutins - *day dreams* How can anybody say no to these babies? I like the simple, classic black ones but these pair give you an edge. It looks fantastic while making you stand out just that little bit extra... (plus they look alluring and kinda dangerous - imagine being kicked by a pair!)

2.) Beyonce - Run the world (girls) video - YES WE DO! (Sorry guys!) Queen Bee is back and while I'm not entirely sure of the sound, the video blows me away. She can move like no one else can. Way to go Bee! I've been obsessing over the dance moves in this video. I refuse to have another embarrassing debacle attempting them so I'm just gonna appreciate them from the comfort of my sofa.
3.) Chocolate - Enough said...
4.) Merlot - I'm usually not a fan of red wine for so many reasons - ruined dresses (and carpets - which for some reason, core contents insurance doesn't cover), hangovers which feel like your head is being gnawed by a pitbull and near-immediate wine stained teeth. As a result, I avoid red wine most of the time, especially so on a night out but for some reason, I'm really into Merlot now...especially with a lovely meal. If you're not a convert, try it on a quiet night in. (You're welcome!)
5.) Hot Men (underwear optional) - Once again, enough said!
6.) Tate Modern - I love the Tate Modern. Granted, I don't understand what half of the art is about but the other half I do (kinda sometimes) get makes it so worth it! They have so many old pieces I'd only ever seen in magazines or read about in books - Monet, Matisse, Warhol, Picasso... to mention but a few. And the view of London from restaurant is priceless (well, maybe not so priceless... a 3 course meal will set you back about £28 or you could opt for a light lunch at around £8.50). It's one of my favourite hideways in London.
7.) Vinyl Record Players - Why in the world did people stop using them?! I'm so into them at the moment. They're such a throwback and I absolutely love the way it contrast with all the mod cons I have. Armed with a decent Merlot, they make for such a lovely night in.
8.) Gossip Magazines - Ask me in public and I will deny every laying eyes (let alone hands) on them however I do love them my gossip magazines. Not enough to buy them mind, but enough to pester people who have bought them to pass them on to me when they're done. I have to admit though, some of the stories in them are more comic than gossip. Like the one about Kim Khardasian (did I spell that right?) being pregnant. The magazine in question went ahead to say that Kim had been gushing about expecting a baby and put specific details about what she'd said as part of the magazine cover. Two hours after I saw this cover, Kim Khardasian herself denied being pregnant! Like where in the world do they get this information from???!!! (Okay, I'm in a bit of a quandry with this 'favourite thing'). 
9.) Prada Black Patent Leather Quilted Handbag - I fell in love with this as soon as I laid eyes on it. I've got the Prada Crocodile skin purse and this handbag goes with anything. Anything! Yes, even that! (Whatever it is you're thinking of...). Infact, I'll stop talking and let you feast your eyes on it.. Enjoy!
10.) Black cabs - because this always symbols the start or the end of a fabulously raucous night out in London! 

Hottie Alert!!! Help needed!

Okay, a new guy just moved in next door and from what I’ve seen so far, he has the body of a god! He’s Australian… (gotta love the accent) and I’ve been running to the door all evening to peep through the keyhole (desperate much?!) whenever I hear him outside. I think he’s done with his moving in and finally settled for the night but he’s managed to unsettle me! Wish I could put up a picture up to show you… (Sorry people but I can't. I'm preeeeeetty sure that would be borderline stalking...) Dear goodness, he’s delicious. Okay people, I’m gonna have to figure out a subtle way of introducing myself  and I’m usually rubbish at stuff like this! Help needed please!!!! Please send ideas my way! (Please leave a comment below...) What should I do?!

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