30 Jul 2011


It was such a glorious day in London today!  The weather was absolutely amazing! Went for a pretty long walk across Central London and this was one the first saturdays in ages where I haven’t had to fight off a hangover with food so it was an all round brill day I'd say. Stopped for a little crayfish and avocado salad with French bread baton from Pret-a-manger (so yummy!) and popped into Starbucks for a ‘Strawberries and Cream’ frappucino. Mmmmmm....refreshing! 
Wandered into Selfridges where I promptly ‘bought myself a little happy’! It was so unplanned and so unexpected but hey it was pay day yesterday (Woohoo!!!) and so I figured why not. I'm so happy right now but will probably have to live off baked beans and water for the rest of the month! And now, the fun part (for me anyway, hehehe!)– guess what I bought!
A little clue (my favourite item was from shop below) and look through previous posts to get a sense of what stuff I really like. 
Look forward to hearing your guesses…

28 Jul 2011

Quick Dinner

So the other day I met up with friends for drinks and a catch-up and in between bars, we stumbled on a random restaurant where you get to select different stuff and have them cooked for you. I just love the fact that the food is cooked right in front of you! There's something special about seeing everything flambĂ©ed! 
And of course I had to finish off with dessert!!! Yum!!!

25 Jul 2011

Monday morning giggle!!!

Okay, this is not the most ‘lady-like’ of posts (apologies to the easily offended) but this made me giggle so hard when I saw it this morning I just had to share!
Like I said before, I'm so easily humoured!!! And crude humour is sometimes the best/the worst...Hehehe!!!

23 Jul 2011

I'm on cloud 9

Okay, so the other day, I was dossing around in the flat and there wasn’t anything interesting on telly so I figured I’d go for a run – Haha! Who am I kidding? I went for a walk!  I admire people who actually go for runs but the only times in my life I ever remember running was either towards food or away from a place where I’d actually have to do any proper running (e.g. the gym!). In fairness to myself though, when I go for walks I can walk for long stretches without even breaking a sweat and so I feel like I’ve found some balance there. 

Anyway, on my way out of the flat who should I bump into but my sexy neighbour (see post here). In the past few weeks we’d bumped into each other a few times and had little chats, I’d been to his house warming party, bla bla bla…and so we were ‘kinda’ friends now. Anyway, I did the neighbourly thing and said hi and we got chatting and long story short, he decided to come out for a walk with me. 

We got chatting about life, work, friends and pretty much anything and everything and it felt so good to talk to him. He’s so easy to speak to and has such a great laugh that makes you feel comfortable straight away… anyway, we stopped for a little rest on a park bench and I carried on yapping away about some story I read in the newspaper that afternoon and he leaned in and kissed me. I can talk (A LOT!) but I was short for words and I was initially gonna resist and push back (in a ‘I’m-not-that-kinda-girl’ way) but I just let go…. I think if anyone else told me about this, I would have thought “Cheeeeeeesy!!!!!!” but when it happens to you, especially with someone you really really really really fancy, the reality of the situation is sooooooooo much better than you can imagine…

... I could go on and on and write about that kiss and how it felt but anyone who’s ever been kissed by the right person knows exactly how that feels!!! When we finally came up for air, I pretty much knew what was going to happen next. I won’t bore you with the mundane details but we hurried back to his place and headed straight for the bedroom, I practically ripped his clothes off him and we went right for it! And damn, did it feel so good! Best-sex-ever! We went really fast the first time, no time for all the extra crap before and then the 2nd time, we took it slower and explored each other’s bodies... I imagined the ‘law of diminishing marginal returns' would set in here (Google it, I feel to lazy to explain it here...lol) but it soooooo did not and felt so good. I’d go into graphic details here but I don’t wanna scare anybody off! Hehehe!!! The third time was fantastic too (yes, three times in one night! That’s a record for me!) 

The next morning, we got up and had breakfast, talked some more (thankfully, I didn’t have to be in work as I’d chosen to work from home) and arranged to have dinner and get to know each other better... I’m definitely in lust right now… Can’t wait! I have no expectations, I’m just having fun and boy does it feel fantastic!!! 

21 Jul 2011

Art - Part 2

And so as mentioned in the previous post here, this is the second installment of my 'arty-farty' day in London at the weekend. Enjoy!
 Where the heck am I supposed to plug that into? :-)
 Yes, I know what you're thinking - and yes, it is art too...
 And this one too...

 Guerilla girls... (this made me giggle a little bit. I must not be 'political' enough but I found it a tad amusing - okay, I'll admit, I'll laugh at anything. My humour threshold is preeeeeetty low)
More guerilla girls

London Panorama

And that's all folks!!! Got lots to write about as some major developments have occured *cough* *cough* and I'll have to dish in my next post! Let's just say I'm on cloud 9 at the moment... Hehehe! *wink*. Catch you soon...

Art - Part 1

Like I mentioned in this post here one of my favourite things is going to the Tate Modern. It's got world famous art and is absolutely free so when I went out this weekend (see post here), I figured I'd pop in. Soooooo worth it! I had such a fantastic chilled out afternoon (which I needed after the full on night before)

 Francis Bacon
 Laziest artist ever!!! Hehehe!!! Literally a slash in the canvas.. Maybe I'm too 'simple' to appreciate this but it just makes me laugh that this made it to the gallery. (Oh there was another 'lazy' one right in front of this one - a mirror! Like seriously! A mirror! L-A-Z-Y! Either that or a compliment to everyone who see it in a 'you're-all-pieces-of-art' kinda way? *shrugs* who knows...)
 Marisa Merz

More pieces to follow in another post....

20 Jul 2011

My weekend in pictures

Another Monday... another week of work... Why do the weekends fly by so fast! Okay, I'm being kinda lazy here but instead of putting my weekend in words, my next few posts are gonna be in pictures...
So it looks like everyone's out tonight....
 Real teeth in the table at some club (I honestly can't remember the name of this place!)
 View from the club (in retrospect, this must have been a pretty central club/bar... Alcohol is bad for your memory)
Desserted random room upstairs I stumbled on by accident
And so on Saturday...
 Walked past St Paul's
 Stumbled across the invisible man...
 London bridge (looks iconic in the distance - accompanied with typical 'London' rain clouds)
 View of St Paul's from Millenium Bridge
And ended the afternoon with a yummy meal from Wasabi...(delish!)

14 Jul 2011

Meet the colleagues

Right! As you all know, I just started working recently and I figured I’d give you guys a little taster of some of the more 'interesting' people I work with. Without further ado – meet the colleagues:-

Tee (not her real name of course): Fantastic lady! The best of the bunch! Nice, vivacious and very hard working. She’s shaved off her eyebrows and painted them back on almost about an inch too high so she constantly has a surprised look on her face. Down to earth and most likely to cover up for you if you off “sick” (i.e. can’t come in due to massive hangover… not that I’d ever do that…again - Disclaimer: I've never done that in this new job!)

Eff (also not her real name, okay, by this point, I’m sure you’ll have figured out that I’m not gonna use people’s real names): Irritating, pretentious with rare moments of brilliance. The kind of person who has an inane ability to say the most stupid things all the time and yet every so often comes up with fantastic joke/comment that draws you back in. At least with her you’ll never be ambivalent.
Pee1: Crazy crazy crazy crazy (did I mention crazy) Irish guy! The things he comes up with are insane. Most likely to get you in trouble (unintentionally might I add!). Still it’s always a welcome type of trouble! Needs to figure out what’s appropriate to wear to the office though (white blazer, bright green shirt and shiny silver trousers are NOT appropriate office wear!). Saying that, I always look forward to seeing what he wears to the office. Makes a refreshing change in the sea of Black and Grey suits.
Pee2: Quiet office mouse… that is till you get a drink or two down her and suddenly, she has a potty mouth that would make even the maddest sailor blush. Why is it the quiet ones that are always full of surprises? And after her fifth drink, she’ll tell you things about sex you never knew existed or were even possible! In between sporadic fits of laughter, I have make occasional trips to the bathroom to write some of it down. It’s like sexual comedy gold. (Bet she thinks I have a weak bladder with the amount of times I have run off to the bathroom laughing…) She’s smaller than Kylie Minogue so takes very little for her to get drunk… (Lucky cow!)
Bee: Office bore. Tells the most awful, sleep-inducing stories ever! I have actually nodded off while he was talking to me once. Thankfully, I don’t think he noticed… now that I think of it, I kinda wish he did. At least maybe he’d get the message and stop coming over to tell me tales of his great ‘pumpkin weekend’. On the plus side, he’s a genuinely nice guy so as long as he doesn’t insist on recounting old tales, generally nice to be around.

Aay: Moaner… You could almost see a dark cloud hanging around his head every day! I find this tedious and avoid at all costs.

Boss Lady: Hardly ever in the office so hard to tell what she’s like. All I know is she has a crazy hyena laugh which you can head across the entire office but generally seems like a nice lady. I hear she’s the office gossip queen which makes sense as the first thing she ever said to me was how some intern from the years ago slept with her old manager at the office Christmas party and the intern is now back here full time. (I fully intend on finding out who said intern is!!! I’ve already figured out who her old manager is… And as I said before, I’ll never actively spread office gossip but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna miss hearing about it!!!)
That’s it so far. Still new so still finding my way around and getting to know more people. Needless to say, I’ll keep you all posted!!! Till next time…

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