26 Sep 2011

Mega-Super-Duper Busy/Knackered

OH-DEAR-GOODNESS! I am the epitome of tired! I’ve been living out of the suitcase for the last week and working crazy hours hence the lack of blogging for which I apologise… profusely! For what its worth, here’s what I have called home for the last few weeks –
Seemed nice at first but after a few weeks of this, I am so sick and tired of this room! I need my own bed! *sob* lol!

I did get to go home over the weekend though (yaaaaay!) and I headed straight for the new Westfield Shopping centre in Stratford (I can’t help myself! I soooooo shoulda gone to bed…)
One thing’s for sure though – I NEED A DRINK!!!
19 Sep 2011

Case of the ex

Hi everyone… September has been so hectic you would not believe!  So I mentioned in my last post (see here) that I was gonna be meeting up with my ex who was visiting London. Thankfully I was able to get out of work on time to meet up with him and it was a strangely surreal yet insightful experience. Basically, I haven’t seen him properly since I left Wales so I was worried it would be awkward and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very far from this. We had a good catch up over dinner and it was so nice to hang out with him. I was having such a great time with him that I actually kinda started having slight “I-miss-you pangs”. When we were together we’d had such a laugh…*sigh*

After dinner we decided to go to a bar for a few drinks and on the walk over to the bar he broke the bombshell to me. He was engaged to be married. The girl is someone I knew from home, nice girl (the sort that would make a great wife – whatever that mean… *scratches head* lol). I was pleased for him (and her too, I guess). I congratulated him and did the usual spiel you do when a friend tells you they’re engaged… Wish them well….etc…Definitely not screaming out loud “Oh Damn!!! When will it be my turn!!!”…Hehehe! Truth be told, I’m not that fascinated with getting married soon. I will eventually but right now, I’m absolutely happy with where I am because its where I wanna be (that almost sounded like I was trying to convince myself! Lol!)

Anyway, as the evening progressed, we keep on swapping war stories about our little old town and then (get this!)… he leans in to kiss me. I SOOOOOOOO DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING! I dodged the kiss like a turkey would (or rather, should) dodge the farmer at Christmas time. I simply refuse to be that girl. Don’t get me wrong, whatever anyone does with someone else is their prerogative (we’re all adults here) but it’s just not for me. The only married (or almost married) man I’d ever hook up with no guilt or regret would be Brad Pitt (Yes, after all these years I still have a HUGE crush on him. In fact, I think it’s bigger than a crush – he may just be the one. Lol! He’ll always have a special place in my heart… hehehehehe!)…. Lets all take a minute to enjoy his awesomeness…

Right, so where was I? Yeah, he tried to kiss me and I swear any “I-miss-you pangs” went in that instant. He’s a great lad but come on! I didn’t know whether to be insulted or flattered (insulted because he did exactly the same thing to me when we were together, flattered because well, I’m obviously so irresistible to him – LOL! I’m kidding!!!! I don’t have an ego that inflated!) Anyway, I made it very clear where I stood and that I wished him the best but he had to get his sh*t together. He went on and on about how confused he was seeing me here and having such a great time… bla bla bla! Honestly, I tuned out after a while (I have a special talent for tuning out!). I just don’t buy stories like that. Getting with someone else is not a way to sort out ones problem – in fact, it more than likely just adds to the problem. After a few minutes I made my excuses and left.

I have to admit, I did leave with a somewhat inappropriate sense of exhilaration – Good riddance, eh!!!

Oh and because this post wouldn’t be complete without a phone picture of what I had for dinner I had to add the picture below! Lol! Okay, it would have been complete but I’ve been eating healthy lately and I just had to show it off!!!

Catch ya later folks!

12 Sep 2011

Festival and Cocktails

So I mentioned in my previous post (see here), that I was going to the Thames Festival in London (Yes, I did confirm that's what its actually called - The Thames Festival). It was fantastic! I found a new place that did two for one cocktails too! (I love finding fantastic cocktails on offer!) I had an amazing Strawberry Daiquiri while sat on the embankment, watching the procession which finished off with fireworks. Great (and not to mention - cheap) evening out in London! And I took some pictures - Warning: I took these with my phone and the quality is......er...not so good.
Till next time...
11 Sep 2011

Lazy weekend

Oh-Dear-Goodness!!! *sigh* This has been another hectic week! I was so knackered by the Thursday, I actually said ‘Thank you’ to the coffee vending machine. In all fairness to me, this was preceded by a gargantuan fight against drowsiness, which eventually saw me head-butting my computer screen. Thankfully, I got to finish early on Friday but all I just wanted to do was go to sleep by the time I was done.

In other news, it’s the Thames Festival in London this weekend… at least, I think that’s what it’s called!. Well, whatever it’s a huge street party and I plan on breaking out of my pajamas this weekend and going into town to see what’s going on. I heard the fireworks last year were amazing and I’ve arranged a meeting with friends for drinks and dinner.

Also, I got a call of my old boyfriend, Thom (see here), turns out he’s heading to London for a couple of days next week and wants to meet up – and NO, not in the way you’re thinking, just as friends. I’m not one to hold grudges (too much effort!) though I will blame my sleep-drought this week on the fact that we’ll be meeting up for dinner when he’s in town. I’m starting to feel like a true Londoner now – showing the out-of-towners around. I’ll keep you all posted.
And No! There’ll be none of this…lol!
5 Sep 2011

Love, Life and Amsterdam

Guess it’s about time I finally gave you guys an update on my neighbour/love-life situation, eh? (See last post here). It’s been so hectic at work lately and I’m ashamed to say this but asides the occasional meet up for food/drinks/sex/whatever, there’s not been much on that front. Totally my fault (or rather, my choice) - I’ve been so busy with work and I’m finally getting to travel lots with my job and as a result I’ve not had as much chance to actually commit properly to anything. He’s been pretty awesome though and I have a great time with him but there’s nothing ‘major’ happening there apart from both of us having a good time together – whenever I can fit that it (Hahaha! That makes me sound like such a self-important diva! I’m not! I swear!)

Also as you all might have noticed, I tend to be a typically happy-go-lucky kinda girl however I have just gotta gripe about a little pet hate I discovered this weekend - Overly confident drunk guys… lol! (keyword there being ‘drunk’!). So, I was out with work colleagues and after my experience the previous week (see post here), I figured I’d best stick to one drink and then grab some dinner. No workday hangovers for me, no sireee! So not worth the headache… literally! Anyway, seeing as there was no way one cocktail was gonna get me drunk, I was pretty sober and as a result, pretty observant that evening. Side note - my body has become so tolerant to alcohol which is pretty bad news for my purse methinks! I digress… At the first bar, there was a barmaid who was flirty with one of the guys on my team - she gave him a free pint and all. Everyone noticed and he got her number before we left –This moment was the creation of a monster! For the rest of the night he kept trying to chat up every single lady who served us (even in the restaurant) it was so unbelievably funny watching the uncomfortable waitresses squirming and trying to be polite while doing their best to get away. Worst thing was he was so drunk he didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that he was a one-hit wonder (and that one-hit had little to do with his ‘pick-up’ skills – the waitress went out of her way to get his attention). I know I’m not one to judge as I like a drink or two myself (make that ten... or twenty, hehehe!) but his oblivion to his faux pax was hilarious! This is definitely a pet-hate I can handle.

In other news though, I did get to go to Amsterdam this week. I loved every minute of it! Apparently, I get to go to other cities as well as part of the project I’m working on – can’t wait! I officially love my job!!! In usual tradition, I took a few photos…
Finished it off with some fantastic sea-food! Deeeeeeee-lish!
3 Sep 2011

What do Adele, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lewis Hamilton have in common?

O-M-G! I’ve been so busy this week but I had an amazing end to my week! On Thursday I got to see Adele perform live (and for free!) and also Lewis Hamilton and Sarah Jessica Parker *faints*. Adele is so amazing live and she is so crazily funny! Lewis Hamilton seems like such a gentleman and SJP is such a doll! Also got to see Jonathan Ross (British TV Presenter) so if you’re pretty clever I’m sure you can already guess how and where I got to see them all! Jonathan is so funny too! Glad he's back on TV again! For those who don’t know who these people are (how?!!!) here are pictures below…(we weren't allowed to use our own cameras at the event - sorry folks!)
Lewis Hamilton
Sarah Jessica Parker
Jonathan Ross

After this I figured I’d pop into McDonalds for a quick snack…yes, my non-existent diet has totally gone out of the window.  I’m more of a KFC girl myself to be honest but McD’s was a lot closer so went for the lazy option. (Lazy and greasy, help me! Lol!) Sometimes, I’m not sure if I have the best friends ever or  just the worst (I love them all the same!). They’re so supportive and encouraging with everything I do – which you would think is a good thing but when you’re not sure if you should get three ice-creams, go large with your meal and get an extra portion of chips, encouragement is the last thing you need.  I ended the night feeling sick from eating too much ice cream, okay maybe the extra chips and the large meal added to that too but I definitely think it was the ice cream that tipped the edge.

Still, it was a great evening! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele!!!
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