21 Jul 2011

Art - Part 1

Like I mentioned in this post here one of my favourite things is going to the Tate Modern. It's got world famous art and is absolutely free so when I went out this weekend (see post here), I figured I'd pop in. Soooooo worth it! I had such a fantastic chilled out afternoon (which I needed after the full on night before)

 Francis Bacon
 Laziest artist ever!!! Hehehe!!! Literally a slash in the canvas.. Maybe I'm too 'simple' to appreciate this but it just makes me laugh that this made it to the gallery. (Oh there was another 'lazy' one right in front of this one - a mirror! Like seriously! A mirror! L-A-Z-Y! Either that or a compliment to everyone who see it in a 'you're-all-pieces-of-art' kinda way? *shrugs* who knows...)
 Marisa Merz

More pieces to follow in another post....


{ Baby Budget Blog } at: 25 July 2011 at 16:57 said...

Gorgeous artwork! Need to get myself to a museum. Havent been for the longest! Thanks for the comment on my blog!


{ Lola X } at: 25 July 2011 at 23:10 said...

Thanks!!! It's more interesting than I ever expected... I think it's all the famous pieces that sell it for me!

Lola x

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