2 Jun 2011

Why the "big move"? - Pt 1

Right! So where was I?  Oh yeah, I was describing myself… Actually, I think I’ve pretty much covered it. There are other aspects of my life I guess I could try to describe but I’m sure you’ll get to know more that as time goes on.
Next question then? Why the “big move” to London???
Okay, after University I decided to move back home with my parents. In fairness to me, I was living rent-free and I already had a part-time summer job here so making the transition to full time member of staff was pretty easy. All of these reasons pale in comparison to the one big reason – Thom! For those of you who don’t know Thom, he’s got the big brown eyes, 6”1 height, perma-tanned from being outdoors a lot and kinda good looking in a “knocked-around-the-rugby-field-a-bit-too-much” way (okay, that’s not the best description ever but you get the general idea).  And his bum! Oh that bum was one of the first things I noticed about him, actually scratch that – it was THE first thing I noticed about him.
We met through mutual friends at a party so after a brilliant night at the party (and a sore neck from not-so-subtly craning to catch an ample view of his bum each time he stood up or walked past), we decided to meet up again. Retrospectively, not one of my smartest ideas as it turns out I may have been wearing my “beer goggles” that night. What is in alcohol that makes people seem more attractive the more drunk you get? It’s probably the same thing that made me think I was just like (or even better than) Beyonce the night before. Anyway, we became an item though in retrospect this was probably more out of convenience than any real chemistry. The sex wasn’t too bad either. At least, I thought so at the time. He was the first guy I’d slept with so I didn’t have much else to compare with. I’d love to say there were fireworks and I passed out from the most intense and fantastic orgasm ever but that would be the biggest lie I’ve ever told.
Okay, gotta stop here. After years of “being good’ and resisting Eastenders, I’ve finally been sucked in again. I’m blaming this on the explosive gay story line (the two actors here are hot!), the weird marriage thingymajig about to happen, the train crash (oh wait, that’s Coronation street) and the “power slap” that I this very second just witnessed this lady give her husband. It just overwhelmed me and I need to know more. Will be back with more of an update soon!
Muchos gracias


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