30 Jun 2011

Pros and cons…

…of being employed

- Money! I know where my next pay cheque is coming from – literally! No more street corners for me... (Just joking!!!)
- Purpose!!!: It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and actually know what I’m going to be doing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve created random ‘fun’ tasks for myself; which actually end up being not so fun!(Understatement of the year!) A challenge to clean your bathroom in under 10 minutes is NOT fun! It’s torturous and you’ll smell like bleach for the rest of the day. 
- No more morning/daytime telly: Thanks goodness!!! I’m such a glutton for punishment when it comes to this. I sit there thinking how awful it is and yet never change the channel and go back for more the next day. I actually go to a point where I ‘enjoyed’ Jeremy Kyle (*hangs head in shame*). I had to stop watching telly for a while when I caught myself QVC for almost an hour!!! (Nothing against QVC but watching it for an hour is a bit much…)
- Sexy Business Outfits: I love getting dressed up for work!!! I always try to over do it... some days 'slutty secretary' (hehehe!) other days 'haute couture'... I imagine I’ll get bored of this pretty soon though but it’s like playing dress up! Love it!!!

- Lack of sleep: I miss it so much!!! *sobs*
- Coffee: This is like daily punishment for not getting enough sleep! (Why does it have to be so bitter?!) Each sip is torture!
- Eating cold and boring lunches: I can’t binge anymore on pizza and chicken wings (and cheese on toast and huge dollops of creamy pasta and ice cream and sticky toffee pudding – okay you get the point, I’m a binge eater!) I’m sat on my tush all day barely moving or exercising so the pounds are gonna pile on if I don’t watch what I eat. I’m really trying to be good here but it’s so hard – I gave up the other day and binged on a whole Nandos chicken, chips and rice and even had dessert too! I felt so incredibly guilty but at the same time I felt so fantastic from all that good good good food! (It was a very confusing day for me… hehe!)
- Office gossip: I cannot be bothered with this; I won’t spread stuff about other people. I usually won’t listen either – unless it’s really interesting in which case – Dish! Dish!! Dish!!!
- Walking around in heels: Sore feet – nuff said!

Till next time…


{ Gbemisoke } at: 1 July 2011 at 16:13 said...

"some days 'slutty secretary' (hehehe!) other days 'haute couture'" had me cracking up!
Enjoy :o)

{ Windsor Andersen } at: 1 July 2011 at 22:23 said...

I am all about 'sexy secretary' and 'haute couture' looks in or out of the office.



{ Miz } at: 1 July 2011 at 23:26 said...

Hahahahaha!!! You so know what I'm going to say, Lola!!! Slutty secretary is the ish!!! You go girl!! Lmao!! If the boss roots for you though...

Jasper the friendly Naija guy at: 2 July 2011 at 01:01 said...

Maybe you could upload a picture of the "slutty secretary" get-up?
And also give a little detail about where you work and what you do?

{ DIDI } at: 2 July 2011 at 11:30 said...

plz find time to Exercise :)..i know its not easy with this hectic schedule....1st time here,thanks for the follow on twitter,as i tried to know who U were,i landed here.. Awesome. :)

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